asked the Minister for Fisheries why the claims of John Forde, of Cahergal; Joe Wiliams, of Clogherboy, and Margaret Coen, of Clogherboy, for land on the Ruttledge estate (Barboursfort), Tuam, were refused, and would the Minister consider the giving of additions to their holdings to these applicants, and so relieve congestion in this district.

The untenanted land acquired on this estate was divided by the Land Commission in the exercise of their discretion to the best advantage having regard to the number and circumstances of the applicants, and the area available for distribution, and it was not found possible to include John Forde, Joseph Williams or Margaret Coen in the number of selected applicants.


Is the Secretary aware of the fact that a landless man from another property got 60 acres on that particular farm?

I am not aware of that, but I am aware that the parties in whom the Deputy is interested are already economic holders.