asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health whether he can state (1) the total cost of the new road from Wexford to Enniscorthy; (2) what proportion of the cost was borne out of the Road Fund; (3) how many men were employed, and for what period; (4) what was the cost of the imported materials which were used; (5) for how long it is estimated the road will last without reconstruction; and (6) what is the estimated annual cost of maintaining the road during the next ten years.

The approximate total cost is £46,700, of which £45,009 has been made available from the Road Fund. In all about 218 men were employed of whom an average of 162 were employed for 10 to 11 months and 56 for 4½ months. The approximate cost of imported materials was £9,800. On the basis of present traffic it is estimated that no reconstruction will be required for at least ten years. The average annual cost of maintenance for the first five years is estimated not to exceed £80 per annum. An estimate for a longer period cannot be given at present.