asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he will state what steps, if any, have been taken to end the dispute existing in the Cork building industry.

On the 1st instant my Department addressed letters to the secretary of the Cork Employers' Federation and to the secretary of the Cork branch of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union, indicating that the Department was prepared to summon a joint conference with a view to promoting a settlement of this dispute. The replies received indicated that the proposal for a conference was not acceptable to both parties. I understand that some local conference was held recently to discuss the matter, but that a settlement of the dispute did not result. Both parties are aware that the services of my Department are still at their disposal.

Might I ask if I would be allowed to raise the subject matter of this question on the adjournment and to suggest that a further effort might be made by the Department to end the dispute?

Might I ask the Deputy not to raise that matter on the adjournment, because if we get into a discussion on the merits of the case it is obviously going to leave me less able to bring about a conciliation meeting than if the matter were not discussed in the House.

If I send the information to the Minister will he make use of it.