asked the Minister for Agriculture whether he will take steps to place an embargo on the importation of all foreign barley and malt entering the Saorstát until such time as the barley produced by barley growers in the Saorstát has been disposed of.

Is it not possible for the Minister for Agriculture to make some arrangement with Messrs. Guinness to prohibit the importation of foreign malt and barley until the Irish barley is consumed for malting purposes? People in my constituency are hard hit as a result of the barley market being more or less restricted; their barley is at present being sold at very unremunerative prices.

I would suggest to the Deputy that he could raise that question with the Minister.

Is it not a fact that Guinness is the sole customer for this barley?

I had not the advantage of hearing the reply of the Parliamentary Secretary. Would he kindly repeat the reply?

The reply was in the negative.

Is that all the Parliamentary Secretary is trusted to say?

If the Executive Council accept no responsibility whatever for the fact that there are thousands of tons of barley imported into this country while the sheriffs are going round to the farmers looking for rates and annuities. I think under these circumstances the sooner we get the present Executive out of office, the better.

Hear, hear. That is agreed.

I am sure we could get support on that.

Throw them out, bag and baggage.