I want to mention a certain matter in connection with a motion of mine which appears on the Order Paper, without at all suggesting what course the House ought to pursue with reference to this Bill. I think it, would be helpful if we had any indication as to how many more speakers there are likely to be on this Bill. We have had over forty already, and I feel that this motion of mine that has been partly discussed should be again brought before the House as early as possible. It has been on the Order Paper for the greater part of twelve months, and I would like to have some arrangement made whereby further discussion of the Bill before the House would be shortened as far as possible.

Is it not open to Deputy Murphy to move "That the question be now put?"

I would not like to take that liberty.

It is a matter that could be raised.

Are we to take it that there is to be no time to be devoted to Private Members' business?

That is not so as far as I am aware.

I understood that from the President's statement last week.

I have not yet made up my mind on that.

That is a good suggestion to the President.

He does not mean that.