Written Answers. - Licensed Tobacco Dealers.

asked the Minister for Finance whether a circular dated September, 1926, stating the law regarding the exhibition of a prescribed sign by licensed dealers in tobacco was issued by the Revenue Commissioners, and if so, whether he will state the terms of such circular.

A notice dated September, 1926, to all licensed tobacco dealers in the Saorstát, directing their attention to the legal requirements regarding the exhibition of signs, was issued by the Revenue Commissioners in November, 1926. The terms of the notice were as follows:—

"The attention of licensed tobacco dealers is directed to the fact that they are required by law to exhibit in some conspicuous place on the outside of the front of their premises a sign showing the name of the trader, and after such name the words ‘licensed to deal in tobacco.' The sign is to be in letters publicly visible and legible, and such letters are to be at least one inch long.

Any licensed tobacco dealer who fails to comply with the above requirements renders himself liable to a penalty of £20.

The exhibition of a sign by any person who at the time of such exhibition is not licensed to carry on the trade of a tobacco dealer involves the forfeiture by him of a sum of £20."