Public Business. - Order of Business.

Mr. O'Connell

Has the President indicated the order of business for to-day?

The business will be taken as on the Order Paper. Will No. 9—National Monuments Bill, 1929—be taken if it is reached?

Yes, No. 9 will be taken. I have been asked to postpone No. 11—Poor Relief (Dublin) Bill, 1929—and I have agreed to do so.

Mr. O'Connell

That is the item I am uneasy about. I was about to ask if it would be possible to bring it up out of its place on the list. This is the one Bill that there is most urgency about.

It is not proposed to delay the passage of the Bill, but merely to delay this stage.

Mr. O'Connell

Surely that will delay the passage of the Bill?

No, because we propose to expedite the later stages.

When is it proposed to take the Committee Stage?

Next Wednesday.

After the Chamber of Commerce has discussed it.

How will it expedite the passage of the Bill if we postpone the Committee Stage?

The Bill will be expedited by taking the later stages sooner than we ordinarily would.

Some of the more formal stages?

I would not say that any of the Stages of the Bill are very formal.

The Seanad.

The Seanad will not delay it.

The Seanad is the formal stage.

Committee Stage of the Poor Relief (Dublin) Bill, 1929, fixed for Wednesday, 13th November.