Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Donegal Unemployment Benefit Claim.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he will state why a claim to unemployment insurance benefit made by Patrick Boyce, of Glebe, Downings, County Donegal, was disallowed.

A claim to unemployment benefit made on the 14th of January last by Patrick Boyce, was disallowed by the insurance officer under Section 7 of the Unemployment Insurance Act, 1920, on the ground that the claimant was not unemployed. The claimant appealed against this decision and the case went to the umpire, whose decision was that the claim should be disallowed.

Last August, when it was represented on behalf of the claimant that there was a material fact of which the umpire was not aware when giving his decision, the umpire reconsidered the case, but decided that the claim should remain disallowed as he saw no reason for altering his previous decision. The claim accordingly remains disallowed.

Is the President aware that this applicant is a road ganger and not a farmer? Apparently the claim is disallowed because this man owns a few acres of poor, rocky soil, which proves beyond yea or nay that the man's ordinary occupation is that of a road ganger. He has been employed on that work for a long time and his cards were stamped; and I would ask the President to make further inquiries with regard to the case.

I will have further inquiries made, but I am afraid the umpire's decision is final.