Order of Business.

Business to be taken to-day is No. 1 and No. 2. It is proposed to interrupt the debate on No. 2 from 6 to 7, when the Dáil will adjourn, and it is proposed that public business will not be interrupted to take Private Members' business.

If No. 2 is finished to-day, what will happen?

We adjourn until Tuesday.

That means that we have amendments for Report between now and Tuesday. Would it not be more convenient, seeing that amendments have to be drafted out of a pretty complex discussion, to have the Report Stage later next week because amendments will have to be in by Friday?

Tuesday would be most convenient for me in view of business in the Seanad. If the Dáil prefer to make it later——

I do not want to inconvenience the Minister in the matter. Perhaps the Chair will permit amendments to be received somewhat later than usual in view of the limited time available for drafting?

There is the trouble of getting them printed and, of course, the Deputy is aware that the Minister would like to see them also.

And we would like to see the Minister's.

I will undertake to get mine circulated before the week-end.

If there is latitude by the Chair, we consent to Tuesday.

Reasonable latitude may be counted on.

Is it the intention to adjourn next week?

Until when?

9th October.