Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Limerick Estates.

asked the Minister for Lands whether the Land Commission propose to acquire the Smyth estate (formerly Cooper estate), Craggs, County Limerick, for division; and if so, what stage has been reached in the acquisition proceedings.

The Land Commission have not yet reached a decision on the question of the acquisition of the Smyth estate, Craggs, County Limerick.

When is it likely that a decision will be made known? Has the Minister any idea when a decision will be arrived at?

Negotiations in connection with this estate have proceeded very far and I think the Deputy may expect a decision before Christmas. I might add that this estate appears to have been a very long time in hands.

It has been in hands for the past 30 years.

It has been the subject of consideration since 1934. I am sure there is a history behind it, but we will let that pass.

It has been in hands since 1920.

asked the Minister for Lands (1) whether a plot of land (Collection No. P.8712) on the O'Brien estate, Dromin, was allotted by the Land Commission to Arthur Byrnes, Dromin, in December, 1947; (2) whether possession of this plot was recently resumed by the Land Commission; and, if so, for what reason; and (3) who is now the tenant of the said plot.

(1) The parcel of land on the O'Brien estate referred to was not allotted by the Land Commission to Arthur Byrnes of Dromin. It was let to him for revenue purposes under a grazing agreement from the 3rd December, 1947, to the 31st October, 1948.

(2) The letting having expired on the 31st October, the Land Commission sought and obtained possession of the lands on the following day for the purpose of allotting them to an approved allottee.

(3) The lands have since been allotted to an adjoining landowner.

Who is the adjoining landowner?

If the Deputy will put down a question for next week, I will give him all the information.

Part 3 of my question was not answered by the Minister.

The Chair has no control over the answering of questions.

I asked in Part 3 "Who is now the tenant of the said plot."

It is not the custom of the Land Commission to drag the names of every allottee and every person with whom they have dealings —people to whom they allot land or acquire land from — across the floor of the Dáil. If the Deputy wants a particular name, I suggest he should put down a question couched in certain terms for next week.

I shall do that.