Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Donegal Road Construction.

asked the Minister for Finance if he is prepared to sanction a special grant for the making of an accommodation road from the terminus of the county road in Cruit Island, County Donegal, to Owey Sound and thereby ease the hardships imposed on Owey islanders of having to carry their turf and merchandise a distance of about one mile prior to boating them to the island.

A number of grants, including one in 1951-52, have been spent on the improvement of the existing road through Cruit Island. The question of further repairs will be considered on its merits in future programmes of schemes.

Representations were received some years ago for an extension of this road to the seashore at Owey Sound but owing to an objection by some of the landholders the proposal could not then be considered. Arrangements will be made for an investigation of the present position in this regard when an inspector is next in the area.

Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware of the hardships which are being suffered by the Cruit Islanders through their inability to obtain an accommodation road to the Island? Is he further aware that these unfortunate islanders have been made the cat's paw of politicians for the last 25 years with the promise that this accommodation road would be made for them? In view of all that will he take steps to provide, if necessary by compulsion, a roadway for them?

Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware of the fact that, if the local landowners would withdraw their objection, this road would have been made years ago?

That is so.

Why not make them agree?

The Government has the power to make them agree.