Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Payment of Housing Grants.

asked the Minister for Local Government if he will state the cause of the delay, sometimes amounting to six or seven months, between an application for a housing grant and the inspection by the appointed officer and if, in view of the fact that in the case of an application for a loan the first instalment cannot be paid until a certificate from the appointed officer is received indicating that a grant will be paid, with the result that the delay in carrying out the inspection has a very discouraging effect on persons who are making a genuine attempt to provide themselves with a house by way of grant and loan, he will take steps to have the making of inspections expedited.

I am not aware of any undue delay on the part of appointed officers in general in the issue of certificates of approval for new houses qualifying for grants under the Housing Acts. If, however, the Deputy is in a position to supply me with particulars of specific cases I will be glad to have the matter investigated.

Is the Minister aware that there is very serious delay in many cases with the result that it has had a thoroughly discouraging effect on those applying for loans? Sometimes they are delayed six or seven months and, in the meantime, they are being pestered by builders' suppliers?

The Deputy can take it that I was telling him the truth when I said I was not aware of any undue delay. It may be that there are delays of which we would not be aware. I am not prepared to claim that you will not have these, off and on, in different places. If the Deputy, or indeed any Deputy, has some cases in mind, and lets me know, I will see that the causes of the delay are investigated in a reasonable time.

It is very necessary that the Minister should take a look at it; it is notorious.

We watch the tendency in many counties. Often we do not get reports from the individuals concerned and we are not, therefore, aware——

Reports are often sent to the Department.

If they are, they are all right.