Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Transfer of Government Department.

asked the Minister for Social Welfare if it has been decided to establish his Department or part of it in Galway City; and, if so, if he will state (1) when the decision was taken; (2) what section or sections it is intended to establish there; (3) the approximate numbers of civil servants to be transferred to Galway for the purpose of servicing the transferred section or sections; (4) if premises for the accommodation of the staff have yet been purchased and, if so, from whom; or, alternatively, if negotiations are in progress for the purchase of such premises, and, if so, with whom, and (5) if such premises have been purchased what price has been paid and where they are located.

It has been decided in principle to decentralise part of my Department and consideration is being given to the possibility of transferring either one section or two sections to Galway if and when suitable premises become available. In the event of such transfers becoming practicable, the number of officers affected would be either about 50 or about 100.

Regarding the latter part of the Deputy's question, no premises have yet been purchased in Galway nor have negotiations been entered into for this purpose.

When such a decision is made will the Minister inform the House as to where these houses will be established?

When it has been decided we will inform the House.

This is certainly joint Cabinet responsibility when the Tánaiste tells the Minister for Health what to say.

It was a matter of slightly better hearing.

Nothing like keeping them in order.

Will the Deputy please allow questions to proceed?

On a point of order. Is it in order for the Tánaiste to tell the Minister for Health that he must use a certain form of words in answering a supplementary question?

I was merely telling the Minister what the supplementary question was. He did not hear it.

The answer was given by the Minister to whom the question was addressed.

On the instructions of the Tánaiste.

Let there be an end to this nonsense. Do not be a bloody idiot all your life.

Is this gracious language on the part of the Minister for Health in order?

You would not hear that in the "holy order"—the Mollys.

They will give you their answer to-day.