Committee on Finance. - Ranna Stáit a Shannadh.

Ba mhaith liom a chur in iúl don Teach go bhfuil mé tar éis na Ranna Rialtais Áitiúil, Leasa Shóisialaigh agus Talmhaíochta a athshannadh mar leanas: An Roinn Talmhaíochta do Phádraig Mac Gabhann, An Roinn Leasa Shóisialaigh do Sheán Mac an tSaoi agus an Roinn Rialtais Aitiúil do Niall Bléine. Beidh Seán Mac an tSaoi, ag an am céanna, freagarthach as an Roinn Sláinte. Beidh Niall Bléine i bhfeighil na Roinne Poist agus Telegrafa go sealadach go gceapfar comhalta nua den Rialtas don phost.

Cathain a cuirfidh an Taoiseach os comhair an Tí an moladh i gcóir an tsocrú nua seo?

Bhí fúm an rún a chur síos inniu. Ní raibh mé i ndon é sin a dhéanamh ach tá súil agam go mbeidh mé i ndon an rún a chur síos amárach.

Might I inquire does the Taoiseach propose to bring in a motion in connection with these proposed changes in the Government?

Not in connection with the proposed changes of Government. Once the members of the Government are chosen, it is the privilege and the duty of the Taoiseach to make the assignments. However, it is necessary to get the approval of the Dáil for the appointment of a new Minister. I should, perhaps, have repeated in English what I said in Irish.

God knows it is bad enough to hear it in Irish. You have said enough.

I know Deputy Dillon does not need the translation, but there are Deputies who objected on a previous occasion that they did not understand what had been said. If the Chair will permit me, I will say in English that I have terminated the assignments of the Departments of Local Government, Social Welfare and Agriculture. There was a temporary assignment in the last-mentioned case. I have made the following new assignments: the Department of Agriculture to Pádraig Mac Gabhann.

Keeping him in disguise as long as you can.

Seán Mac an tSaoi will take charge of Social Welfare as well as keeping the Department of Health. The Department of Local Government will be transferred to the present Minister for Posts and Telegraphs.

There will be great rejoicing in the G.P.O.

Pending an appointment to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs, the present Minister will hold that appointment still.

The Taoiseach has not finished his translation.

I think so.

In his original statement, the Taoiseach said that he was going to put certain proposals before the House to-morrow with regard to the permanent filling of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs.

Ní dúirt sé.

Dúirt sé go raibh air an Roinn sin a thabhairt don Teachta Mac Urmhumhain.

Ní dúirt me dada dá shórt. Dúirt mé go raibh súil agam go mbeifí i ndon an post a líonadh amárach agus rún a chur síos sa Teach dá réir.

The Taoiseach has made a statement which is of considerable interest to the House. Is it permissible to make any comment on it?

Tut, tut. I was not asking the Taoiseach. Is the Taoiseach going to move a motion about the vacancy?

I said I had intended to do it to-day, but I was not in a position to do so. If I am in a position to do so to-morrow, I shall put down a motion.

May I ask the Ceann Comhairle a question? When that motion comes before the House, can we discuss the context in which we were given notice of it?

I do not believe in crossing bridges until I meet them. I have not seen the motion.

I invite your attention to the possibility of such a bridge confronting you.

Has a precedent been established whereby the Taoiseach makes a statement of this sort and the Opposition are denied the opportunity of making a statement?

There is nothing before the House to discuss. There is no motion before the House. We may not discuss what the Taoiseach has done in relation to the shuffling of his Cabinet.

Maybe for the peace of nations it is as well that we cannot, because we would have plenty to say. It was bad when it started, but it is ruinous now.