Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 and, in 4, Votes 36 to 44 and then Votes 26 to 34. It is not proposed to interrupt Government Business in order to take Private Deputies' Business.

Would the Tánaiste say what is the position about No. 7?

The position is that I shall have a number of amendments to propose to the Bill which are at present being drafted but I do not think that business in the Dáil will permit of its being dealt with earlier than next month.

Will we see the amendments reasonably far ahead?

I should hope to allow the amendments to be available to Deputies for some weeks before we consider them.

Will the amendments represent what the two bodies had decided on this matter or are the Ministerial amendments based on their recommendations?


Is the Taoiseach now in a position to say when the Presidential election will be held? There are some congresses and associations who usually hold their annual meeting in the first, second and third weeks in June. These congresses and associations are anxious as to when the election will be held in order to make the necessary arrangements.

The election will be held in mid-June. The precise date will be fixed by an Order to be made by the Minister for Local Government in the course of the next week or two.

The middle of June is fairly specific, but if the Tánaiste could say the second or third week of June it would be a help to the people I have in mind.

The precise date will be announced in an Order which the Minister for Local Government will make within the course of the next fortnight.

May we assume from what the Tánaiste said that the election will not be held before the 14th June?

I cannot answer that exactly. As Deputies know a number of other dates have to be fixed in respect of nominations, and so forth. All these will be contained in the Order which will be made.

If the Tánaiste could mention some date it would be a help. We do not want him to stick to it.

When does mid-June begin?

Mid-June is the 15th June. I think the 15th June is actually a Sunday but it will be a date close to that.

A number of these bodies have to book hotel accommodation and halls. If the Tánaiste could say to them: "You can do what you like up to the 14th June. The Presidential election will not be held before that date and it will not interfere with your arrangements." Could we clear the first fortnight in June?

In view of the matter to which the Deputy has referred he may take it the Minister for Local Government will make the order as quickly as possible.

May we take it if conferences are arranged between the 1st and 14th June they will not be affected by the Presidential election?

I would not like to be definite on that until all the aspects of the matter have been considered.

What about the first week in June?

Up to the 8th.

That is clear?

Perhaps Deputy Mulcahy will say whether the Dalai Lama is going to withdraw?

I have told the Government and the Taoiseach that they need not wobble in any way with regard to their approach to the Presidential election and that they will have to contest the Presidential election against the candidature of General Seán McEoin. May I say I would adduce from what the Taoiseach has said that Deputies can bank on the 10th June for your election?

Could the Taoiseach or the Tánaiste now go on to tell us are they going to run the referendum on the same day?

That has not been decided.

Wait and see.

The Asquithian Minister for Health intervenes to say: "Wait and see." I am asking the Taoiseach now is he going to spring into the pan of the scales at the referendum or is he not?

I explained the position previously. In regard to the matter of public convenience, when two decisions have to be made, the public convenience is best met by having the two on the one day.

And you will be in the scales.