Ceisteanna—Questions (Resumed). - Employment Statistics.


asked the Taoiseach if he will state under which heading of Table 12 of the Appendix toEconomic Statistics local authority employees are counted.

The classification of the labour force in Table 12 of the Appendix to Economic Statistics conforms to that used at the 1951 Census of Population. In this classification local authority employees are not all in a single group, but are assigned to the various sectors on the basis of the nature of their work. The following groups in the table referred to contained, in 1951, persons employed by local authorities:—

Mining, quarrying and turf production, which included local authority turf development and production.

Construction, which included local authority building, construction and road work.

Electricity, gas and water, which included persons employed by local authorities in waterworks and sanitary services.

Public administration and defence, which included local government personnel concerned mainly with administrative duties.

Other economic activity which included the staff of local authority mental and other hospitals and county homes, together with other such personnel engaged in medicine and care of the sick as well as persons employed by local authorities in education.

Does the Taoiseach not think that the heading "Public Administration" would be a better one and would give a truer picture?

The terminology is, I think, that which has been used by the Statistics Office.

Does the Taoiseach not think that the term "Public Administration" would be better for the future?

I shall mention it to the Statistics Office for their consideration.

The Taoiseach is not interested in the true picture. He has made that clear.