Ceisteanna—Questions (Resumed). - Economic Statistics.


asked the Taoiseach if in respect of Table I of the Appendix toEconomic Statistics he will give details of the “Other known current items” amounting to £11.4 millions.

I propose, with the permission of the Ceann Comhairle, to circulate with the Official Report a statement giving the information requested in the form in which it has been published in the Balance of International Payments Statement.

Following is the statement:—

DETAILS of other known current items amounting to £11.4 million in Table I of the Appendix to Economic Statistics.





Commission earnings of import agents


oin and bullion



Portal receipts from extern shipping


New outflow in respect of rental of cinematograph films


Payments to the British Government


Expenditure of Irish Lights Service


Posts, telegraph and telephone payments and earnings



Diplomatic, consular and similar expenditure



Other known current items



Can the Taoiseach say how much of the information is given—how many millions are accounted for?

In what sense? What you have there is what has been given in the published Table. The figures have already been published.

The Taoiseach yesterday "codded" me, I will admit——

How is that?

Because yesterday he did not give an answer in relation to capital transactions. Is he going to "cod" me again in relation to current transactions?

The Deputy was not aware of certain things already published.

The Deputy was perfectly aware of them. Will the Taoiseach answer me? Why is the terminology "Other Capital Transactions" used on the one hand and on the other hand, "Other known Current Transactions"?

The Deputy, as a former Minister for Finance, should be well aware of why this is the case. It is because they are confidential matters.

Not at all.

Well, then, you know the answer.

The Deputy knows more than the Taoiseach.

Is the Taoiseach not aware that there are figures which are confidential and which cannot be published and that in addition to that there is a residual that is included to make up the balance?

And that is separate in the current account and not in the capital—

Well, I think you would have to—

That is why I want the information.

I cannot give any information further than that there are confidential items included and it is desirable to have the lot put together. There are a number of things which cannot easily be got. They are already mentioned in the Trade Journal—the figures—and reference is made, I think, to the actual date.

Page 80 of the June 1952 Trade Journal.

They are not. I want to get the amount that is not known and then I shall be quite happy.

It has not been separated up to the present in the Capital Account.

It would be a good job if it were separated now.

It is considered by the Department responsible and those who are concerned that that is not so.

Never before this year did it amount to 20 per cent. but when it gets to over 20 per cent. it should be known.

The Deputy says 20 per cent. now because it suits his book.

It happens to be true, but the Minister does not want the truth.

The Deputy had an excellent opportunity when he was Minister for Finance to have that matter gone into.

And I did.

He had only an adverse balance of payments.

Would the Minister for Health try to prevent people from robbing the till instead of talking like that?