Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Dáil Éireann díospóireacht -
Thursday, 16 Nov 1961

Vol. 192 No. 3

Business of Dáil.

I wish to give notice of my intention to raise, as a matter of urgency, on the Adjournment, the question of the provision of lorries for the haulage of beet. Due to shortage of beet, one factory is in grave danger of being closed down.

What is the debate on?

It concerns the haulage of beet by certain lorries. The Chair will communicate with Deputy Corry.

I do not want to be unreasonable, but I should like to understand the proceedings of the House. At what stage of the proceedings is Deputy Corry to intervene? I understood that at the end of questions Deputies are entitled to ask permission to raise any question on the Adjournment. Why does Deputy Corry intervene at this stage?

Deputy Corry has asked that he should be allowed to raise this particular question on the Adjournment. No decision has been given. The Chair will communicate with the Deputy in the usual way.

I thought the appropriate time to do that was at the end, not at the beginning, of Questions.

I know that Deputy Dillon is anxious only to see beet going up the spout.

I am anxious only that order should be maintained. I understood such matters were raised at the end of Questions or at the point of time at which the Question was asked and answered. If we are to introduce new procedure, then we are entitled to be told. That is all I want.

The Deputy has already given notice to the Chair that he will make this request. A decision will be given.

Another fact that should be taken into account is that my Department was advised about this matter. We are in touch to find out whether the suggestions made by Deputy Corry have validity. The matter is entirely sub judice.

Deputy Corry is entitled to request that the matter should be raised.

The position is that I was with the Sugar Company this morning and I found there is great danger of the factory running short of beet while beet is, in fact, being left on the farmers' hands.

There can be no debate at this stage. The Chair will communicate with the Deputy as to whether the matter may be raised.