Sittings of Dáil.

Before the resumption of business, I should perhaps inform the Dáil that the Whips have been considering the times of meeting before the end of the session. They have recommended that the hours of meeting should be from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday each week to the end of the session. In view of the business remaining to be done, I propose that the Dáil make it an Order.

What about the Thursday sitting hours?

They will be the same as usual.

No Fridays?

No Fridays.

"Backbencher" was wrong.

On that, may I renew to the Taoiseach my suggestion that a careful review should be made of the programme of legislation which he has in contemplation, with possible consideration as to whether some expedition might not be found through introducing some technical Bills in the Seanad? At least some of the preliminary work might in that way be got over and the burden on the Dáil, between now and the Adjournment, might thereby in some way be relieved.

I have not a report on the discussion on that subject.

That suggestion was made. It would also have the advantage that the two Houses would be going on parallel lines and not, rather, one getting too far ahead.