Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Redundancy in CIE.


asked the Minister for Transport and Power how many employees of Córas Iompair Éireann are likely to become redundant as a result of the proposed reorganisation of the company's bus and freight lorry repair, overhaul and building programme in Dublin and Cork; and what arrangements for re-employment and redundancy compensation are being made for the employees affected.

I am informed by CIE that 109 employees in Dublin and 30 in Cork will become redundant arising from a re-organisation of bus and lorry building, overhauls and repair work. Alternative employment has been found for one employee. Of the remaining 138 employees, 65 in Dublin and 29 in Cork will, I understand, be eligible to receive compensation in accordance with the redundancy compensation provisions of the Transport Acts. The remainder are temporary employees with less than three years' service.

Do I take it from what the Minister has said that employment would be found for one out of the 109?

Will the Minister indicate what is to happen to the rest of them?

That is what I have done. Some have short service and others will receive compensation in accordance with the redundancy compensation provisions.

The redundancy compensation is all right but if they have to spend their 28/- or 30/- in England, where they will have to seek employment——

I have no evidence that they will have to seek employment in Great Britain.

Where does the Minister think they will get employment here in the trades which they have practised for years?

This matter has been discussed with the trade unions——

It has not been discussed with the trade unions. There was no discussion with the trade union movement. We were informed that these sections were to be closed down but there was no prior consultation.

Is the Minister aware that there was no prior consultation with the trade union movement in connection with this matter? Is the Minister also aware that a considerable number of these men who have been laid off are under 30 years of age and it is suggested that they be put on pension. Is that good policy?

The trade unions have known since June of 1960 that CIE intended to introduce work study. They have known it for a very long time.


On 2nd of November, the unions were given full details, including the names of the persons affected.

The trade union movement gave full support to the idea of work study but the unions were not consulted on these closings.

There have been a number of discussions with the unions.

They were not consulted.

I am sorry; that is not my information.

My information is that the Irish Congress of Trade Unions were not consulted.

Would the Minister undertake to check up on it? Deputy Corish has indicated that there has been no consultation and I am reiterating that there was no consultation with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions?


This is a mad stampede by the Chairman of CIE to do a job ruthlessly.