Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Clew Bay Fishery Port.


asked the Minister for Lands if he has made an additional recommendation to the Bjuke Fishery Report, viz., that a major fishery port and installations be erected at Clew Bay, County Mayo.

No such recommendation has so far been made by me.

Is it true that Mr. Bjuke went down to the place mentioned, Clew Bay?

And possibly was entertained there too.

Did he look at it?

He had a look at it. Is it true that this is a bit of shadow-boxing on the part of the Minister for Lands in competition with the Parliamentary Secretary?

I shall not attempt to shadow box with Deputy Lynch.

Is it not a fact that the Minister stated he proposed to transfer the proposed Galway fish harbour to that area?

That question does not arise.

Would the Parliamentary Secretary convey that to the Minister?

The Minister stated no such thing but it might well happen.

Now we know.

Now we know.

Bí cúramach anois.

Bíodh an tAire cúramach freisin.

We are not getting much co-operation in Galway.

You got more in Mayo, with the currachs.