Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: Nos. 1, 2, 12—Vote 37—and 13.

I wish to give notice, Sir, that I wish to raise the subject matter of Question No. 1 on the Adjournment.

I shall communicate with the Deputy.

Could the Taoiseach say is there any satisfactory reason why the Second Stage debate on the Redundancy Bill was not continued today? Is the Minister not available?

He is available, but the Agricultural Estimate was taken last night and apparently it was desired that it should be continued.

Were there consultations or was this just the decision of the Government Whip? I think the Taoiseach will appreciate that our group would like to see the Redundancy Bill passed as soon as possible.

So would we.

Can we have an assurance from the Taoiseach that it will be on tomorrow?

I cannot give that assurance but we hope the Second Stage will finish at a very early date, this week if possible or next week.

It was a pity it was not on today. It might have been finished this week if it got even a spell today.

We would hope it would finish this week, if possible.