Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Dáil Éireann díospóireacht -
Thursday, 23 Jul 1970

Vol. 248 No. 12

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Water and Sewerage Schemes.


asked the Minister for Local Government what is the present position of the group water scheme for Lower Keadue, Burtonport, County Donegal.

Grants have been allocated to the group and the scheme may proceed. I understand, however, that the delay in commencing work is due to the fact that the group had not made the necessary arrangements for overdraft accommodaation with their bank before the commencement of the bank strike.


asked the Minister for Local Government when he proposes to give sanction to the group water scheme for Kilmuckridge, County Wexford, the plans for which await sanction in the sanitary section of his Department.

The Kilmuckridge group water supply scheme is dependent for a source on a headworks scheme to be provided by the Wexford County Council. Such a scheme has been the subject of discussion between technical officers of my Department and the local authority. It is understood that the local authority's proposals in the matter will be submitted at an early date.

I am given to understand by the local authority that they have long since submitted plans and that the delay is in the Minister's Department and that they are awaiting sanction.

Wexford County Council recently indicated to the Department that they expected that the documentation in connection with the headworks scheme would be submitted to the Department within three weeks. I take it the Deputy is accepting that these documents are not in the Department?

Can the Minister positively assert that they are not in the Department? My information is to the contrary. I have also had an admission from the Minister's officials that they have the documents there but are dealing with technical difficulties. I regret to have to inform the Minister that from his reply it appears to me that he has come in totally unbriefed to answer my question. However, as he is a new Minister I do not want to put him to any inconvenience by raising the matter on the adjournment. If I put the question down again next week will he come in and answer it properly, please?

What the Deputy suggests is absolutely ridiculous as far as I am concerned. My Department were informed by telephone by Wexford County Council on 20th July, which the Deputy will admit is pretty recent information, that they expected to lodge this documentation regarding the headworks scheme in the Department within three weeks. Unless it arrived this morning or last evening it certainly had not arrived at the time they telephoned. They indicated then that they would have it up within three weeks. I do not know where the Deputy is getting his information. I suggest he should go back to the county council and check the information I am giving him.

The Minister's Department informed me a fortnight ago that they had the documents there but there were technical difficulties in the way and they could not give a decision. I am now asking the Minister what is the cause of the delay because I do not accept his reply that the documents have not been sent by the Wexford County Council.

I have given a full and adequate reply. We are awaiting submission of the proposals from Wexford County Council.

Somebody is telling lies, either Wexford County Council or the Minister's Department.

Is the Deputy now accusing me of telling lies? I have no reason to tell lies. I am just giving the information as I have it from my Department. I think the Deputy is most unreasonable in his attitude.

Somebody is telling lies.

It is up to the Deputy if he feels there is some mistake to find out the facts. I have given the facts here.


asked the Minister for Local Government the position regarding the proposed group water scheme at Barnaderg, County Galway.

Approval in principle to this scheme was given by Galway County Council on 7th July, 1970, and the group are now engaging an engineer to prepare a design.


asked the Minister for Local Government what is the position with regard to the long-promised water supply for the cottages at Ballydasoon, Glendine, Youghal, County Waterford.

Sanction to the sinking and testing of a borehole to serve as a source for the Ballydasoon water supply scheme issued last week. Design of the scheme must await the outcome of the tests.


asked the Minister for Local Government when he proposes to give sanction to the northern committee of the Cork County Council to proceed with the following regional schemes on which so much preparatory work has been done and so much money has been spent by the Cork County Council: (a) the Ballyanehan-Derryvillane water scheme and (b) the Castlelyons-Conna regional water scheme.

I would refer the Deputy to my reply to his Question No. 52 of the 9th July. Proposals for the improvement of the water supply to Kanturk and Rathluirc which were mentioned in that reply have since been approved by me. The local authority's proposals for other water supply and sewerage schemes including the two schemes referred to by the Deputy are under consideration in my Department and I cannot indicate when decisions thereon are likely to issue.


asked the Minister for Local Government if he has received proposals regarding the Esker-Mount Lucas, Daingean, County Offaly group water supply scheme; and, if so, what is the present position of this scheme.

A proposal for a scheme for this area is on hands. The engineer engaged by the group is at present preparing a design.


asked the Minister for Local Government if it is his intention in the immediate future to increase the grants payable to the organisers of group water supply schemes.

The scales of grants for water supply schemes, in common with all other types of grants, are kept under constant review. When any changes are made an appropriate public announcement is issued.


asked the Minister for Local Government the various group schemes from Tipperary South Riding at present before his Department, stating the stage of development in respect of each group scheme.

I am arranging to have this information compiled and forwarded to the Deputy as soon as possible.


asked the Minister for Local Government if he will state (a) the amount of money allocated to Meath County Council for water and sewerage schemes for 1970-71; and (b) if he will give the priority list submitted by the council for such schemes.

The initial allocation made to Meath County Council for existing commitments for water and sewerage schemes for 1970-71 is £23,600.

As the reply to part (b) of the question includes a tabular statement, I propose with your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, to have it circulated with the Official Report.

Following is the statement:

Scheme Number

Name of Scheme


Duleek Improvement and Augmentation Scheme.


Navan and Environs Sewerage


Navan Water Augmentation Scheme.


Navan Water Improvement Scheme.


Mornington Sewerage


East Meath—part 1


Ballivor Sewerage


Duleek Sewerage Completion


Dunboyne Sewerage Improvement.


Oldcastle Water and Sewerage Improvement.


Ashbourne Sewerage Scheme


Ratoath Sewerage Scheme


Navan Water Supply Improvement—phase 3.


South Meath Regional Water Supply Scheme.


Julianstown Sewerage Scheme


Drumconrath Sewerage Scheme


East Meath Extension


Dunshaughlin Sewerage Scheme


Clonee Sewerage Scheme


Enfield Sewerage Scheme


Longwood Sewerage Scheme


Windtown Sewerage Scheme


Stamullen Sewerage Scheme


Navan Water Supply—phases 4, 5 and 6.


Kilmessan Sewerage Scheme


Batterstown Sewerage Scheme


Kildalkey Sewerage Scheme


Kilmainhamwood Sewerage Scheme.


Summerhill Sewerage Scheme


Rathmoylon Sewerage Scheme


Crossakiel Sewerage Scheme