Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Meath Farm.


asked the Minister for Lands if, in the light of the additional information supplied, he has yet made a final decision on the Smith farm, Decoy, Garlow Cross, Navan, County Meath.

As I pointed out in my reply to a previous question on 4th May last, the selection of allottees for land is a matter reserved exclusively to the Lay Commissioners. I have, however, had inquiries made in the light of the further information supplied by the Deputy and the result of these inquiries confirms that all local deserving small-holders were provided with allotments to bring their holdings up to current standard.

Surely the Minister will agree that out of common courtesy, a reply should have been received from him by either the people concerned or myself as a result of the further information supplied. In view of that information, the Minister must now realise that those who say that all the small-holders have been brought up to standard either do not know what they are talking about or do not understand the position. Would the Minister comment on what is happening the residue of 36 acres which has not been allocated?

I do not know what is happening about the balance of the estate, but the Deputy will appreciate that these functions exercised by the commissioners are statutory ones and are exercised suitably by them. As a result of Deputy Bruton's interest in this matter——

And Deputy Hilliard's interest also.

——and Deputy Hilliard's interest also, I had a list prepared of people who were allegedly aggrieved. I had the circumstances investigated. I do not think it would be appropriate in the House to go into details as to what happened in regard to each individual concerned, but I will put that information at the disposal of the Deputies in the area, if required.

I was expecting the Minister to give me a reply. If I got a reply to the representations made, I would not have raised this matter in the House. I would be glad to have a reply from the Minister, at his convenience.

The only reply I would give officially is that which I have given here now. Following reinvestigation, the commissioners confirmed that all deserving small holders in the area were accommodated.

The Minister must appreciate that I have not got a photographic mind. For the information of the people who are aggrieved, I would like to get the information. If the Minister would not mind having a photostat copy made and letting me have it, I would be very grateful.

I should emphasise that this information is only available to me just now. It involved the re-examination of the list of 13 persons in one category, 16 in another category and 16 in a third category, which form a total of about 40 persons.

I do not want details now, but could the Minister arrange to make the information available to me?

It has only become available to me now. I do not intend to make it public in the House.

The Minister will make a copy available to the interested Deputies?


Question No. 36 postponed.