Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Primary School Teachers.


asked the Minister for Education if he is aware that many boys and girls who qualified as primary school teachers this year have not yet secured teaching positions; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Mr. R. Burke

I am informed that some students who will complete their course of training this year have not yet secured appointment with effect from 1st July, 1974. I anticipate that all such students will, however, have posts available for them by the end of the calendar year.

I take it that posts will be available at the commencement of the school year, 1st September? I am sure the Minister is aware that the vacancies will arise before then; in fact, many of them have arisen now.

Mr. R. Burke

It is not possible at any given time to say how many vacancies there are. When a teacher leaves and is replaced by another the Department may not know of the change until the school returns for that month come in. In any event, some managers wait until after the summer holidays to fill vacancies which have arisen at the end of the school year. This applies mostly in Dublin because they have found from experience that by appointing teachers before 1st July there may be more attractive positions available and then resignations are submitted. In such a case it is necessary to start looking for teachers within a period of three or four months. I am reasonably confident that the positions will be filled before the end of 1974.

Has the Minister any information which would indicate the percentage of teachers trained this year who have been successful in getting jobs?

Mr. R. Burke

For the reason I have given in an earlier reply, namely, that the vacancies are not notified, it is not possible to give a precise answer. We know from various soundings that there are some who have not yet found positions but we hope these will be cleared up before the end of the year.