Written Answers. - EEC Grants to AnCO.


asked the Minister for Labour the total EEC grants to AnCO in each of the past five years, and the corresponding grant from the Irish Government.

The total amounts of EEC grants to AnCO, all from the European Social Fund, in each of the past five years are as follows:

1974: £1,674,780.00; 1975: £3,650,776.00; 1976: £2,035,734.00; 1977: £4,630,170.87; 1978: £10,287,065.75.

Precise information concerning the amounts of the corresponding grants from the Irish Government is not readily available. However, in general, it may be assumed that the amounts of contribution from Irish public funds towards the programmes assisted from the European Social Fund were the same as those of the fund payments. In respect of projects for which Fund assistance has been approved after 1 January 1978, the ratio of fund grant to a national contribution would normally be 55:45, as a result of the higher intervention rate of 55 per cent for Irish projects introduced following the review of the fund in 1977.