Written Answers. - Medical Service Cutbacks.


asked the Minister for Health if he is aware of the severe distress being caused to a person (details supplied) in Dublin 3 because of recent cutbacks in the medical services; and if he will ensure that the necessary medication will be made availble to this woman, who is at present on a disability allowance of £32.55.

The decision to exclude from payment under the GMS scheme the majority of products which do not require a doctor's prescription should not result in hardship. The majority of the excluded items cost less than 50p for one week's supply. If, nevertheless, the person concerned feels that their purchase will cause hardship in her case she should contact her local health board office with full details of her requirements. Where hardship may be caused in individual cases, health boards are in a position to make special arrangements. I have asked the health board to look into this case.


asked the Minister for health if he will make an exception under the new cutback programme on the medical card scheme for a person (details supplied) in Dublin who is an unmarried mother and who has to buy a medicinal cream (details supplied) which costs £7 per tube, for her son who has a skin ailment.

The item in question has not been excluded from payment under the medical card scheme.