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asked the Taoiseach the name, rank, salary, allowances and terms and conditions of employment of advisers and assistants, other than civil servants, at present employed by him or his Ministers of State.

The only changes, since my reply of 8 March 1983, to a similar question from the Deputy, were: (i) the resignation of Mr. Jim O'Leary, economic adviser on 18 May, and (ii) the appointment of Ms. Attracta Halpin as a special adviser (Arts Officer) on 5 October in the place of Mr. Tony Cronin, adviser on cultural affairs, whose contract expired on the 30 June 1983. Ms. Halpin has been appointed on a contract basis for the duration of the Government at her existing salary of £16,652 on secondment from the National Council for Educational Awards.

I thank the Taoiseach for his reply. May I ask him why he transferred two questions which appear on today's Order Paper, Nos. 56 and 59, from his Department?

That does not arise on Question No. 10.

Please bear with me——

I will bear with the Deputy if he is in order.

I hope so. I want to refer to Question No. 56 on today's Order Paper.

Deputy, please.

I ask the Chair to bear with me and not to rule me out of order.

There is only one Chair in this House.

Question No. 56 was down in its entirety to the Taoiseach but, obviously due to some error, it does not appear in full on the Order Paper.

The Deputy will have to bear with the Chair. We are dealing with Question No. 10 and Deputy Fitzgerald's supplementary in no way relates to that question.

I accept that but——

It is not in order.

I suggest that Question No. 56——

When we reach that question we can deal with it.

Let us be realistic. We are not going to reach Question No. 56 today. It should have been on today's Order Paper in its entirely but for some reason it is not. Why is it not in full on the Order Paper?

The Chair has no control over the transfer of questions. I understand Deputy Fitzgerald received a communication about that question.

Am I right in saying that there was an error made but that it did not take place in the Taoiseach's office?

If the Deputy wants to discuss this matter with the Chair he is welcome to come to my office.

Thank you for that offer. May I raise the subject matter of that question in its entirety on today's Adjournment?

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.

Was there sanction for a replacement for Ms. Halpin in the National Council for Educational Awards?

I understand there was.