Order of Business.

It is proposed to take item Nos. 2, 3 and 7.

May I ask the Taoiseach if he would give an indication of the Government's intention with regard to the initiation of debate on the Bill published concerning the revision of constituencies?

I did not quite get the question.

In order to give the Taoiseach time to think I will repeat the question. May I ask him when the Government intend to initiate the debate on the Second Stage of the Bill that is published for the revision of Dáil constituencies?

The matter is under constant and careful consideration.

Urgent and careful consideration?

——constant and careful consideration.

I think "careful" would be the operative word.

In fact the Minister for the Environment would be very happy to receive the Deputy on the matter any time he wishes.

I have no interest in talking to the Minister on that subject.

On a desert island preferably.

He should bring the Minister for Agriculture and Food——


I am calling Deputy Quinn. I am seeking order for the Deputy.

I hesitate to interrupt the obvious great fun between the two parties present but, with your permission, may I raise on the Adjournment the scandalous waste of taxpayers' money involved in the decision of the Department of Education to retender, through developer competitions, contracts for schools under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education?

I will communicate with the Deputy.

With your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, I should like to raise on the Adjournment the theft of a map from the National Library and the on-going security problem.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

Does the Taoiseach propose to intervene in the Thurles sugar factory dispute?

I am sorry, Deputy. Clearly the matter is not in order. The Deputy will resume his seat.

Perhaps the Taoiseach might intervene.

Deputy, I have no intention of allowing the Order of Business to be turned into a mini Question Time.

Are the board being reappointed?

May I raise the subject matter of the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Marina on the Adjournment this evening? That would then allow me the opportunity of raising the question of the death sentence on Booterstown marshes next week. Therefore, I want to raise the subject of the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Marina this evening and Booterstown marshes next week.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

(Limerick East): On promised legislation may I ask the Taoiseach in view of the European Commission's proposal to impose a 15 per cent deposit interest retention tax on all bank deposits in the Community, is it still his intention to proceed with the promised legislation to apply a zero rate of tax to certain activities in the Custom House Docks site?

(Limerick East): In the Finance Bill or otherwise?

In the Finance Bill.

In the course of the debate on the last Broadcasting Bill the Minister for Communications gave an indication that there would be published a document on the technical aspects of the operation of MMDS systems in broadcasting. May I ask the Minister when such document will be circulated to Members, as promised?

Does this refer to legislation promised?

The legislation has been passed, a Cheann Comhairle.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the question of the closure of St. Patrick's Hospital, Castlerea.

In respect of promised legislation may I ask the Taoiseach when the Minister for Education is likely to bring forward the legislation which has been promised to allow VECs, RTCs and other educational institutions established under the Vocational Education Act, 1930, to engage in co-operation with industry?

The legislation is still in course of preparation.

Is the Taoiseach aware that the Minister of State at the Department of Industry and Commerce — with responsibility for technology — has boasted that certain arrangements have been made which are in contravention of the existing legislation, in view of that fact it is somewhat urgent that legislation be introduced to validate those entirely laudible arrangements?

Let us not enter into the realm of debate now.

Junior Ministers are always entitled to anticipate happy coming events.

Perhaps he might also persuade the Taoiseach to ensure that the events come quickly.

Could the Taoiseach inform the House if the brief of Price Waterhouse, the consultants appointed by the Government yesterday to investigate the affairs of the Irish Sugar Company, includes the Thurles sugar factory?

That is not in order, Deputy, and I have already said so. Can we proceed to the Order of Business proper?

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the matter of the inadequacy of finances available to Kildare VEC and its consequences.

I will communicate with the Deputy.