Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 14 and 1.

We read with interest in this morning's papers that the Government have certain proposals in relation to Oireachtas reform. Would the Taoiseach not agree that the first reform he should undertake is consultation with both sides of the House on matters of mutual concern? Would that not be a basic and good reform?

They have been sought for quite a considerable amount of time and it is time to get the consultations under way.

The point I am making is that changes in the rules of the House are of concern to both sides and if the Taoiseach were serious about reform and not just the exigencies of the Progressive Democrats conference at the weekend he would have consulted this side of the House before he went to the press.

I am serious about it. We are putting it to the Committee on Procedure and Privileges. There is a list of proposals and every party will have ample time to get involved.

This is not a subject for disputation or argument now, Deputy.

I want to make this point. The Taoiseach has left himself open to the interpretation that he is more concerned with upstaging the Progressive Democrats than in Oireachtas reform.

Do not take too much notice of the papers.

Can the Taoiseach guarantee we will work only four days a week instead of seven?

In relation to the announcement he made to the press yesterday and in relation to Dáil reform, is there a document ready for circulation and will it be circulated today, or will it be circulated before the start of the Progressive Democrats conference this evening?

It is with the Committee on Procedure and Privileges for circulation.

I am sure the Taoiseach is aware that today is 1 May, Mayday.

You should be on your holidays.

I am sure everyone would like to join with me in conveying my good wishes to the working people of this country who make such a contribution to our society. In view of the contribution made by working people to Irish society and the fact that most European countries mark that contribution by a public holiday, would the Taoiseach agree to Mayday being a public holiday in future?

The matter to which the Deputy refers was the subject of a question here this week. With regard to the Deputy's suggestion, I think I can say on behalf of all of us, and so say all of us.

It is the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker.


In view of the day that is in it and in view of the seriousness of the dispute that is affecting the country, how successful has the Taoiseach been in bringing the dispute in An Post to a conclusion?

Deputy Ryan will have to conform to procedure at this time.

I have made every effort in this House to get the Taoiseach and both parties to bring this dispute to an end. Every effort must be made to resolve this dispute.

The Deputy has made his point, now please resume your seat.

The Taoiseach is not listening. There are businesses looking to the Government to act in a proper manner.

You are disobeying the Chair. Resume your seat forthwith, Deputy Ryan.

The Government have refused to do anything.

Deputy Ryan, I ask you to resume your seat or leave the House.

We have to get this dispute sorted out.

Leave the House.

We must make every effort to sort out this dispute.

Do you wish to be named?

I should not have to leave the House because I am only trying to get the Minister to deal with this matter.

That was a well arranged exit.

What arrangements are being made to pay public servants who normally get their pay cheques by post?

Appropriate arrangements are being put in train.

What does that actually mean?

They will receive their cheques. What else would it mean?

It has not been explained to them.

I notice that Deputy Sheehan is not in the House today, so let me ask the Taoiseach when he proposes to publish the Castletownbere Fisheries Harbour Bill.

Has such a Bill been promised?

It will be published during this session.