Written Answers. - School Medical Examinations.

Michael Bell


146 Mr. Bell asked the Minister for Health if his attention has been drawn to the proposed cutbacks to the schools medical examinations services and in particular the phasing out of the sixth class eye and ear testing, together with the alarming reduction in the psychological services in primary schools in County Louth, all of which will result in disaster for our children; if he agrees that the long term effect on the health of our people will suffer in medical and financial terms; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

School medical examinations are provided by the North-Eastern Health Board in County Louth since 1991 as follows: (1) Eye and Ear examination for all senior infants; (2) Eye examination for all 6th form children; (3) On completion of above, a full traditional school medical in schools on a list drawn up by priority.

The Board are satisfied that this provides an adequate level of service in the Louth area.

In relation to the psychological services, as this would appear to be a matter more correctly dealt with by my colleague the Minister for Education, I will arrange to have that part of the question passed on to him for direct reply.