European Council Regulations: Motion.

I move:

That Dáil Éireann approves the exercise by the State of the option provided by Article 3 of the fourth Protocol set out in the Treaty of Amsterdam, to notify the President of the Council of the European Union that it wishes to take part in the adoption and application of the following proposed measure:

a proposal for a Council regulation on procedures for amending the Sirene manual,

a copy of which proposed measure was laid before Dáil Éireann on 16 May 2003.

Is the motion agreed?

I will put the question.

Ba mhaith liom a mhíniú cén fáth go bhfuil mé ag cur ina choinne.

We cannot have a debate on this motion. We have already agreed in the House that there would be no debate on it.

I am not asking for a debate.

No comment can be made on it as it was agreed by the House that the motion would be taken without debate.

This is an important issue which should be debated in this House.

Question put and declared carried.