Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Dáil Éireann díospóireacht -
Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021

Vol. 1012 No. 4

Gnó na Dála - Business of Dáil

The Chief Whip has a proposal to put to us in relation to the allocation of time for the debate that is to follow.

I move:

“That, notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders, or in the Resolution of the Dáil of 5th October, 2021

(a) the proceedings on Financial Resolution No. 1 – “Excise: Tobacco Products Tax”, and on any amendments thereto, shall, if not previously concluded, be brought to a conclusion after 45 minutes by one question which shall be put from the Chair,

(b) Item No. 8, the Motion to Instruct the Committee on the Garda Síochána (Functions and Operational Areas) Bill 2021, shall be taken without debate immediately on the adjournment of Financial Resolution No. 2 – “General”,

(c) Item No. 8a, the Motion for a Financial Resolution on the Maritime Area Planning Bill 2021, shall be taken without debate immediately on the conclusion of proceedings on Item 8, and

(d) the Dáil shall adjourn on the conclusion of proceedings on Item 8a.”

Is that agreed?

It is not agreed. It is totally inappropriate that a Financial Resolution on the Maritime Area Planning Bill is being taken this evening. It is nothing to do with the budget. It is to do with the Maritime Area Planning Bill, which is a very controversial Bill. It should not have been taken today; it should be taken tomorrow. That would be the best time to do it. The Bill will go to Committee Stage next week and there should be time for a discussion on it because it is to do with licences for, I understand, maritime area consents and giving licences to private companies for part of our maritime area. I do not think it is appropriate.

To explain, this is a matter that needs to go to Committee Stage. It cannot go to Committee Stage until it is voted on here. It is a matter of going to Committee Stage because it has financial implications. Perhaps the Chief Whip will explain. Otherwise we would have to wait until our next voting block. This is our only voting block this week.

As the Ceann Comhairle has said, this Bill passed without a vote on Second Stage in the House and was given full time for a debate. Anybody who wanted to participate or debate the Bill was given a full opportunity to do so. It is to enable the Committee Stage discussion to commence next Tuesday. It is a technical motion and would usually be taken without debate in normal procedures during a working week if an instruction for a Financial Resolution was required for such a Bill going from Second Stage to Committee Stage. It is a technical matter and the Bill will receive full scrutiny on Committee Stage when it commences next week.

I presume we want it to go to Committee Stage. We want it to be considered there and it can then be decided whether we will have further debate on it here in the aftermath of the Committee Stage proceedings. Will you trust us on that, Deputy Boyd Barrett?

Will I trust the Government?

We will let it pass this time.

We will let it pass. The proposal is for 45 minutes to deal with the business before us. That is also agreed.