Business of Joint Committee.

On scrutiny of EU legislation, the following decisions are required: to scrutinise Com (2003) 229 - a proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament of the Council on enhancing ship and port facility security. Is that agreed? Agreed.

Does that include fisheries? I am thinking of a chain down in Dunmore East.

I have not seen that chain. We must also scrutinise Com (2003) 234, a Council proposal amending directive 77/388/EEC, the sixth VAT directive regarding value-added tax for services provided in the postal sector. Is that agreed? Agreed.

We must scrutinise Com 2003 (237), a proposal for a Council regulation establishing measures for the recovery of cod stocks. Is that agreed? Agreed. Furthermore, is it agreed not to scrutinise the following: Com (2003) 220, Com (2003) 217 and Com (2003) 202? Agreed. Is it agreed to note the following: Com (2003) 119, Com (2003) 224, Com (2003) 17 and Com (2003) 165? Agreed.

The joint committee adjourned at 4.18 p.m.