Business of Joint Committee.

An informal meeting of the committee will be held next Monday, 14 July, at 4 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is an exchange of views with non-resident Arab ambassadors who are undertaking their annual visit to Ireland. The venue for the meeting is room 2 off the entrance hall of Leinster House. Members are welcome to attend.

The joint committee went into private sessionat 2.11 p.m. and resumed in public session at2.18 p.m.

On the next item on the agenda, Chairman, I wrote you a letter some weeks ago and you said the committee would facilitate the matter as soon as possible. I take it my letter will be discussed as well during this presentation.

The Deputy can raise its contents during the debate. The problem is that there might not be many members in attendance after a certain time so we do not want the meeting to go on for too long. It is not good to have just two members of the committee present for the debate.

I waited for this meeting.

I understand that.

I am as inconvenienced as anybody else but I have a number of questions to ask. The questions have accumulated over recent months because I cannot get answers elsewhere.

That is fine.