Business of Sub-Committee.

Apologies have been received from Deputies Seán Ardagh and Rory O'Hanlon. I apologise in advance. A number of other members have told me they are caught up in other meetings, including Deputy Darragh O'Brien who is chairing the Committee of Public Accounts.

Other members would be present were it not for the fact that another meeting is taking place on an insurance company that is currently experiencing difficulty and has an impact on employment in counties Monaghan, Cavan, Meath and the Border region. Many members are attending that meeting which has just commenced. On their behalf I tender apologies from all the political groupings.

That is understandable. The minutes of 28 January have been circulated. Are there any matters arising? Are the minutes agreed? Agreed.

I have one item of correspondence from Mr. Fintan Farrelly, Department of Foreign Affairs, requesting that the sub-committee meet with an evaluation team which is preparing a report on Irish Aid's implementation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. It is proposed to agree to meet the evaluation team on 27 May. Is that agreed? Agreed.