Business of Joint Committee

Apologies have been received from Deputies Higgins and Breen. I extend a special welcome to Deputy Ardagh.


Hear, hear.

He has been an excellent member of this committee and is also Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Constitution. As we all know, he has been unwell for a while and it is marvellous to see him in good health again. He is very welcome and I thank him again for coming.

Thank you, Chairman.

I join the Chairman in welcoming the Deputy. It is nice to see him here again.

I ask members and those in the Visitors' Gallery to please ensure their mobile phones and BlackBerries are switched off completely for the duration of the meeting as they cause interference, even if in silent mode, with the recording equipment in committee rooms.

The minutes of the meeting of 20 October have been circulated. Are they agreed? Agreed.

We have received correspondence from the Joint Committee on European Scrutiny on decisions taken by it at its meeting on 19 October. As no proposals have been referred to this committee, it is proposed to note the correspondence. Is that agreed? Agreed.