I have to inform the Seanad that a communication has been received from the Minister for Industry and Commerce to the effect that an International Parliamentary Commercial Conference will he held in Brussels on the 23rd of this month, and it is to last from the 23rd to the 26th of this month. The Free State has accepted an invitation to be represented there, and the suggestion is that the representation should consist of a delegation of five, which may be composed of members of the Seanad or of the Dáil. The business for discussion on the agenda of the Conference consists of—Exchange and Customs barriers, the Production and Exchange of Foodstuffs, Internationalisation of Company Law, Enforcing of Judgments of Commercial Tribunals, Priority in Registration of Trade Marks. The object of the letter is to state that if any member of the Seanad would like to be a member of this delegation if he will communicate with the Clerk of the Dáil the matter will be attended to. But there is a note of warning to the effect that the members of the delegation will have to pay their own expenses.