Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 1 and 2 on the Order Paper.

On the Order of Business, would the Parliamentary Secretary be in a position to tell us, assuming this Bill goes through, when does he contemplate bringing it into effect?

Item No. 2 on the Order Paper—the Housing Bill.

We can discuss No. 2 when we come to it. The Senator can raise the matter on section 1.

I am not satisfied that this Bill should be taken at this stage until I get an answer from the Parliamentary Secretary. Could the Parliamentary Secretary give any indication?

It all depends on how soon the House will give it to us and how soon all Stages pass through the House.

We cannot have a discussion on the Bill until we agree on the Order of Business.

I want to make it quite clear that there are many matters of public importance which need to be discussed. It is the order of priority I want to get at. The Minister would be doing a service to the House and to the country if he could say when he would like this legislation to be implemented.

That is why we are here today—because we want to get it through Committee Stage and Report Stage, if possible.

I am sorry the Minister is not here because I have a great personal regard for the Parliamentary Secretary. He cannot be blamed for what has happened. The Parliamentary Secretary, on behalf of the Government, now says there is an urgency about this Housing Bill. Why is there an urgency about it when we have no money to fulfil our existing obligations under the existing legislation?

The Senator is now out of order.


Senator McQuillan to resume his seat.