Order of Business.

Dáil Éireann has agreed to the amendment of the Courts Bill, 1984.

It is proposed to take Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in that order. Agreement has been reached that we should complete all Stages of the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 1985. Agreement has also been reached that we should complete the Second Stage of the National Lotteries Bill, 1986 and the Second Stage of the Malicious Injuries Bill, 1986. We have agreed that these three items will be completed in that format today. I am not sure how long it will take the House to complete them. We cannot decide on finishing time although we would normally finish at 5 p.m. In view of the doubt about how long it will take, I am not proposing a lunch or tea break until we see how we are proceeding. A decision can be made by the House later. If we make good progress on the first two items it would be appropriate to have a lunch break. I will leave it to the House to decide when we see how we go.

I will be brief. I am not speaking from a desire for publicity. Item No. 21 reads:

That Seanad Éireann takes note of the Third Report of the Joint Committee on Co-operation with Developing Countries: Apartheid and Development in Southern Africa.

It would be a matter of general regret if we were to adjourn for the summer without some possibility of statements from the four groups in the House on the appalling situation which has developed in South Africa over the past few weeks. Would the Leader of the House consider whether it would be possible to have at least statements from the four groups in the House? Perhaps we could have them on Tuesday or Wednesday next. Statements of perhaps 15 minutes in length might suffice. Many Members of the House would like to record their feelings about the situation in South Africa. We will not have an opportunity to do so for two and a half months. Would it be possible to have a brief statement on motion No. 21 before we adjourn for the summer?

With particular reference to the point raised by Senator B. Ryan, in a winding up debate last night on the multilateral aid, Senator Lanigan referred to this point, as did Senator McGuinness, other Senators and myself. It is a pity we were dealing in isolation with an item dealing with aid to Africa with just a passing reference to apartheid. We all expressed concern. We would like to have an opportunity to discuss this report. I would be in favour of the method suggested. I will try to get agreement over the weekend to facilitate the suggestions made. It is becoming a matter of crisis for all of us, both as a matter of conscience and politically. It is appropriate that the House should express an opinion on this subject. We will reach some agreement and I am sure the House agrees with the suggestion.

I thank the Seanad.

Order of Business agreed to.