Request under Standing Order 29.

I have a motion under Standing Order 29 which is due to be taken at 3.15 p.m., so I would ask Senator Norris to move his motion. I do not need to remind him of the fact that when he moves his motion he is not allowed to elaborate or comment further.

I regret, a Chathaoirligh, that you anticipated my manoeuvres. I wish to move a motion for the Adjournment of the Seanad on a specific important matter of public interest requiring urgent consideration. The matter is: The need for the Government immediately to condemn the attack upon central London today, particularly because of its utter irresponsibility and its cynical timing to coincide with the Birmingham Six hearings.

Thank you, Senator, I have given careful consideration to your motion and I cannot consider it to be a matter of urgency contemplated by Standing Order 29. I regret, therefore, that I have to rule it out of order.

I do not wish to trespass, but I wonder if you could give me some guidance about the parameters within which these matters are taken. Is there a ruling or a guidebook or something because I do not want to continue raising matters that are——

Standing Order 29 states very clearly and specifically what is required in the context of such motion. In that regard I find it necessary to rule the motion out of order and I will be delighted to read and discuss the particular Article in Standing Orders with the Senator and explain it further if that is necessary.

I appreciate that. It is a little vague, particularly since most people would consider it a matter of urgency to include a declaration of war by an extra parliamentary group.

Thank you. The Senator has been most helpful.