Foreshore and Dumping at Sea (Amendment) Bill 2009 [Seanad Bill amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages.

This is a Seanad Bill which has been amended by the Dáil. In accordance with Standing Order 113, it is deemed to have passed its First, Second and Third Stages in the Seanad and is placed on the Order Paper for Report Stage. On the question "That the Bill be received for final consideration", the Minister of State may explain the purpose of the amendments made by the Dáil. This is looked upon as the report of the Dáil amendments to the Seanad. For Senators' convenience, I have arranged for the printing and circulation of the amendments. I have also circulated the proposed grouping in the House. Senators may speak only once on the grouping. I remind Senators that the only matter which may be discussed is the amendments made by the Dáil.

Question proposed: "That the Bill be received for final consideration."

I call on the Minister of State to speak on the subject matter of the amendments in the group.

Two amendments arose which are entirely technical or drafting in nature. They concern the removal of three entries in Schedule 1 on page 30, the inclusion of which would have caused the term "appropriate, appropriate Minister" to appear rather than the term "appropriate Minister". It appears that initially it was felt the appropriate place to insert this was in the Schedule. Subsequently it was possible to put it in the main body of the Bill. If these two parts were to be retained in the Bill, the term "appropriate" would appear twice.

Question put and agreed to.
Question proposed: "That the Bill do now pass."

I thank Senators for allowing me to introduce the Bill in this House and making time available today to enable us to complete consideration of the Bill.

I thank the Minister of State. That the Bill was introduced here is a great recognition for the House. The amendments today are technical. I appreciate this type of legislation. It is a very positive Bill. By and large, it has been welcomed in its passage through both Houses. It is great that the Bill will now go before the President.

I will not make a Second Stage speech on Ireland being located on one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, which lies off our south west coast. The Bill does not directly affect this but it is a bee in my bonnet that there are several wrecks in Bantry Bay and Berehaven , and the Kowloon Bridge lies off the Stag’s Head, a wreck which should never have happened. It is historical and I do not want to take away from the salient features of the Bill. I thank the Minister of State for introducing the Bill, my colleague and the Acting Chairman for its quick and safe passage.

I welcome the Minister of State back to the House for a brief visit. We are happy that the Bill, having started here, has now concluded here. I hope the improvements it will bring will be obvious in the near future. I thank the Minister of State and his officials for engaging with us. Those who work during the dark hours and see the various amendments which need to be made is evidence of the public sector at work. I am satisfied the Bill has been concluded.

Question put and agreed to.
Sitting suspended at 4.20 p.m. and resumed at 4.30 p.m.