Request to move Adjournment of Seanad under Standing Order 30

I have received notice from Senator Grace O'Sullivan regarding a motion she wishes to raise under Standing Order 30. I call Senator O'Sullivan to give notice of the motion before I give my ruling. The Senator can read the text of the motion.

What is the alternative?

The Senator must read the text of the motion.

I invite the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade to come to the House to explain the situation with regard to Ibrahim Halawa who this morning has been detained once again in an Egyptian prison. On that basis I would like to know what the Irish Government is going to do to resolve the situation where for the past three years an Irish citizen has been detained in Egypt. Ibrahim Halawa has an Irish passport. He is an Irish citizen, and in my view not enough is being done.

I cannot allow the Senator make a speech on the matter. Is that the text of the motion?

I have given careful consideration to the matter raised by the Senator. I cannot consider it to be a matter contemplated by Standing Order 30. I regret, therefore, that I have had to rule it out of order. I am sorry about that.

Sitting suspended at 2.20 p.m. and resumed at 4 p.m.