Gnó an tSeanaid - Business of Seanad: Motion

I move:

That, notwithstanding anything in the Order of Business as agreed by the House, at 6.15 p.m., there will be statements on the emergency air ambulance service. Each group will have five minutes and the Minister of State will have five minutes to open and five minutes to reply. Members will then take the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill and will conclude at 9.40 p.m.

Does the Leader mean we will adjourn or conclude?

We will adjourn. On the conclusion of the debate on the emergency air ambulance service, the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill will be taken at 6.55 p.m. and will adjourn at 9.40 p.m.

I do not agree to that. Debate on the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill should end as stated at 9 p.m.

The Senator cannot have it every way.

Order, please. Senator Norris is proposing that the debate adjourn at 9 p.m. Is that seconded?

Is Senator Craughwell not prepared to stay longer?

I will stay until the early hours of the morning if the Leader wants.

He is not prepared to stay longer. He is afraid to stay. Is that it?

Order, please. Senator Norris has proposed an amendment to the Leader's proposal and it has been seconded.

Given that the Minister is available until 9.40 p.m., we should co-operate with the Minister. As we are now having a debate on the emergency air ambulance service-----

The Chair is in the hands of the House. An amendment has been proposed and seconded.

The Minister is available and we might facilitate him.

Does the Leader wish to respond?

I will put Senator Norris's amendment to the motion.

Amendment put:
The Seanad divided: Tá, 7; Níl, 12.

  • Boyhan, Victor.
  • Craughwell, Gerard P.
  • Humphreys, Kevin.
  • McDowell, Michael.
  • Norris, David.
  • O'Donnell, Marie-Louise.
  • O'Sullivan, Ned.


  • Burke, Paddy.
  • Buttimer, Jerry.
  • Byrne, Maria.
  • Conway, Martin.
  • Feighan, Frank.
  • Hopkins, Maura.
  • Lombard, Tim.
  • McFadden, Gabrielle.
  • Noone, Catherine.
  • O'Donnell, Kieran.
  • O'Mahony, John.
  • O'Reilly, Joe.
Tellers: Tá, Senators David Norris and Michael McDowell; Níl, Senators Gabrielle McFadden and John O'Mahony.
Amendment declared lost.
Motion agreed to.