Civil Law (Costs in Probate Matters) Bill 2017: Order for Report Stage

When is it proposed to take Report Stage?

I propose that we deal with it now.

I am advised that we cannot do that. Would the Senator like to propose next Tuesday?

Next Tuesday. That is fair enough.

I am very keen to facilitate Senator McDowell and the proposers. We will now, having dealt with Committee Stage, look at the redrafted Bill in consultation with the Attorney General.

Senator McDowell is of the view that we perhaps might not come back and discuss it for another hour. Of course there would be no need to discuss it for another hour if the promoter of the Bill decides to shorten that. I would be keen to allow the Attorney General's office maybe a week for further reflection, and then we could, in consultation with the Business Committee or with the Acting Chairman, order it for some evening before the end of the year. We are all in agreement.

I am happy with that.

We would like to get it through by the end of the year.

The ordinary form is to order it for next Tuesday by agreement. We will see about that. Just in case the Minister thought that I was anxious to spend an hour on it, I did not talk about Henry Grattan. I hope the Minister's promise to repatriate the remains of Henry Grattan is one of his manifesto promises.

I thank Senator McDowell. Not only have we advanced significant legislation, but we have begun the formal campaign for the reinterment of Henry Grattan this evening as well.

If I could just say one last thing, I wish to thank the Minister's officials for their courtesy in their dealings with me.

Report Stage ordered for Tuesday, 10 December 2019.

When is it proposed to sit again?

At 10.30 a.m. tomorrow.

The Seanad adjourned at 6.40 p.m. until 10.30 a.m. on Thursday, 5 December 2019.