Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Bill 2020: Motion for Earlier Signature

I move:

That pursuant to subsection 2° of section 2 of Article 25 of the Constitution, Seanad Éireann concurs with the Government in a request to the President to sign the Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Bill 2020 on a date which is earlier than the fifth day after the date on which the Bill shall have been presented to him.

Question put and agreed to.

When is it proposed to sit again?

It may not be until after the election. May I make a brief comment?

We have been waiting patiently.

The sitting is over. If I allow one Senator contribute, I would have to allow everybody to do so.

Senator Devine was waiting very patiently.

I will make one final comment. I will not stand in Senator Devine's way.

I had a big speech organised on the amendment.

No you cannot.

If I allow anyone in I will be opening the shutters.

I will be very brief. As Acting Leader, I thank everybody. It has been an honour to serve. I wish everyone going forward in the election the best of luck. To those who are not, I wish them well. I wish the Government, the Minister, Deputy Harris, his colleagues and those who will serve in the next Oireachtas the best of luck dealing with this very serious crisis.

I ask Senators, the Minister and all of his staff to stay safe and healthy. To those seeking re-election, I wish you well. To those not seeking re-election, I wish you a long and happy life outside of politics.

I wish to inform the House that we could be sitting next week. The Dáil is sitting.

Sin scéal eile. We are adjourning sine die.

The Seanad adjourned at 2.30 p.m. sine die.