Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Select Committee on Finance and General Affairs díospóireacht -
Wednesday, 1 Dec 1993


I move amendment No. 16:

In page 13, subsection (2), line 27, after "boundary" to insert "or to bring it into conformity with any description referred to in paragraph (a)".

This amendment will allow the Commissioner of Valuation, in preparing the maps of the new counties, to remedy any discrepancy between a boundary as previously shown on any official map and a written description given in any previous enactment. There is such a discrepancy between the boundaries described in Part 3 of the First Schedule to the Local Government Reorganisation Act, 1985, and the official map prepared under the Act.

Dublin Corporation has drawn attention to the discrepancy between the city and county boundary of Ashtown as shown on the official maps prepared under the 1985 Act and the written description in that Act. The map showed the boundary as being from the Dublin/Galway railway line to the Navan Road running along Mill Lane while the written description has the boundary going parallel to Ashtown Road. However, in cases of conflict the official map takes precedence by law.

Both city and county authorities have operated on the basis of the written description — for example, the boundary running along Ashtown Road. The effect of this amendment is to allow the Commissioner of Valuation to recognise what both authorities have taken to be the case and revise the boundary accordingly when preparing the official map of Fingal to coincide with the original written description along the Ashtown Road set out in the 1985 Act. We are providing for what has been the accepted position up to now to be the absolute legal position in the future.

Amendment agreed to.
Question proposed: "That section 10, as amended, stand part of the Bill".

May I ask a question about maps and boundaries, if I am in order? No doubt you will tell me if I am not. There are some rumblings of discontent in regard to the proposed borders between Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown and the so-called South Dublin County. In at least one instance the proposed boundary will divide an estate in two. This occurs between urban bounds and county bounds, but not between different counties. Given the Minister's view of devolving all of those matters to local decision, would it be feasible later on to make a minor amendment to the boundary to ensure that a housing estate was either all in Dún Laoghaire or in South Dublin? What are the mechanics of it?

I do not want to get into detail now without having all of the specifics, but generally where we are talking about minor amendments which would make a lot of sense, and having regard to the limitations of getting involved in circumstances where the local councils have already decided, I would like, subject to those limits, to make sensible minor amendments where those arise. One or two suggestions of a minor nature have been made to me, but I am not familiar with the specific circumstances outlined by Deputy Doyle and we can return to that later on.

Question put and agreed to.