Election of Chairman

Cléireach an Choiste

The first business to be done is the election of a Chairman.

I propose that Deputy Palmer be our Chairman.

Mr. Murphy

I second that.

Cléireach an Choiste

The motion is that Deputy Palmer be elected Chairman of the Committee. Is that agreed to ?


Mr. Palmer took the Chair.

Next we have to consider general procedure. The Committee can decide whether they will admit visitors or the Press to our meetings.

As a matter of routine, have we not a verbatim reporter and there may not be any need to pass any resolution to that effect ?

That is so. According to Standing Orders, no one can be present except by leave of the Committee. It is up to the Committee to say whether they will admit the Press or not.

I do not think it makes much difference whether the Press is present or not. But it might be no harm to admit them.

Are you proposing that the Press be admitted ?

I would be favourable to that.

Are you all agreed ?

Mr. O'Sullivan

No, I do not agree. I think we could hammer out something better without the Press. And we will have a verbatim report without the Press.

I would be inclined to agree with Deputy O'Sullivan. If you have a verbatim report, it is sufficient.

Mr. O'Sullivan

We might have a freer discussion without the Press.

I do not think there will be much discussion at all. I suggest you let it go. The mover is anxious for the Press and I think you should let it go at that.

Are you all agreed now?


Is there any other matter you wish to raise on this question of general procedure ?

I do not wish to raise anything in particular.

What about the latest date for receiving amendments ?

What does the Minister himself think ?

Whatever you think is reasonable, I am agreeable to it.

I think a week would be sufficient, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Murphy

I think that is very short. What difference would it make if the time was three weeks instead of one week ?

The sooner the amendments come in the better.

What does the Minister say about that ?

Whatever you fix will be agreeable to me.

A week is a bit short, I think. Would we halve the difference and say a fortnight ?

That would be the 4th December ?

How long after that would you like the Committee to meet ?

I have no objection—as quickly as possible. I suggest the following Thursday.

That would be suitable?

The 11th December then is the date for the next meeting.

Would the Committee meet in the morning ? Otherwise there may be some difficulty about reporting. The Seanad may be sitting in the afternoon.

It might perhaps be better to leave the question of the hour of the meeting open for the present, or let it be arranged between the Chairman, the Minister and the mover of the Bill.

I would prefer that the meeting be held later in the day.

Leave it to the Chairman, the Minister and the mover of the Bill.


The meeting adjourned at 5.55 p.m.