Nuacht agus gnéchláir

Peter Finnegan, Cléireach na Dála

Faisnéis don fhoireann faoi Covid-19


Nuashonruithe agus faisnéis ón mBord Bainistíochta don fhoireann

Léigh Tuilleadh
Composite image including a portrait of Reverend William Neilson and pages from his book "An Introduction to the Irish Language".

Oireachtas Library displays first edition of pioneering book on Irish grammar


This month the Oireachtas Library is displaying a first edition of Neilson’s Grammar, a pioneering text on Irish grammar and word structure.

Léigh Tuilleadh
Ireland and EU flags seen from below against a blue sky

European Union - weekly update from the Oireachtas National Parliament Office on what's happening in the European institutions


Keep up to date on what's happening in the European Commission, Council and Parliament with the weekly Oireachtas Digest on Europe.

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Two people participating in a Teams video call

Creating Our Future talk hosted by Oireachtas Friends of Science and Technology


The Oireachtas Friends of Science and Technology hosted an online talk on Creating our Future yesterday.

Léigh Tuilleadh
Selection of historical documents from the Oireachtas Library

Houses of the Oireachtas joins Digital Preservation Coalition


The Houses of the Oireachtas Library and Archives has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) this month, becoming the coalition’s newest associate member.

Léigh Tuilleadh
Photo montage in 1921 newspaper showing people arriving at Earlsfort Terrace

Oireachtas education invites post-primary history students to enter Treaty Debates Research Project Competition


Students are invited to carry out a research project on one or more of the Members of the second Dáil Éireann who were involved in the Debates on the Treaty which took place from 14 December 1921 to 7 January 1922.

Léigh Tuilleadh
ISL sign language interpreter

Oireachtas marks International Day of Sign Languages with ISL translation of key Act


Thursday 23 September is International Day of Sign Languages.

Léigh Tuilleadh
Portrait of William Cobbett, circa 1831 alongside text of an account of his trial

Oireachtas Library displays account of 1831 trial of rural workers’ champion William Cobbett


This month the Oireachtas Library is displaying an entertaining account of the 1831 trial of William Cobbett (1763-1835).

Léigh Tuilleadh
School students in green uniform visiting Leinster House

Oireachtas education invites applications for transition year experience weeks


The Houses of the Oireachtas will run three TY (transition year) experience weeks during the school year 2021-2022. Schools are invited to nominate one student to apply.

Léigh Tuilleadh
Dr Pat O’Callaghan in 1928 and Bob Tisdall in 1932

Ireland’s “golden hour” at the 1932 Olympics recalled in digital display case


This month the Oireachtas Library is displaying a document related to Ireland’s showing at the 1932 summer Olympic Games.

Léigh Tuilleadh