Slide illustrating how a vaccine works

The inaugural talk of the Oireachtas Friends of Science of the 33rd Dáil and 26th Seanad took place yesterday. Professor Kingston Mills gave a talk entitled Covid-19 vaccines: making sense of the clinical trial reports, merits of different types, logistics of roll out and hesitancy.

Prof Mills explained how vaccines work and the differences between the various candidate vaccines from BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford-Astra Zeneca. He also discussed how vaccine hesitancy could impact on the effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Prof Mills is head of the Centre for the Study of Immunology at Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute.

The Oireachtas Friends of Science is a cross-party group of TDs and Senators who aim to help the Houses of the Oireachtas engage with scientific research.

Friends of science covid seminar 03

Slide from Prof Mills's talk